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Bole Festival is the largest food festival in the South and East of Nigeria. It combines food, fun and culture and is held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State once a year. It provides an avenue for networking, entertainment, advertising, relishing and simple fun with friends and strangers. Bole Festival has a strong urban appeal that cuts across all age demographics and is patronised by individuals, families, and most youths from all over the country. It attracts food lovers, culture enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, media fanatics, families, seniors and youths who generally want to have fun and meet old friends and new people. It provides a platform for the sale of goods and services consisting mostly of a wide array of edibles ranging from food, snacks, finger foods, local and international cuisines to assorted drinks, non-perishables and fashion items etc. There is always an assortment of fun games available for gaming pleasure and bonding purposes.

Entertainment at Bole Festival lives up to expectation, it features popular artistes that appeal to its audience and gives, always, satisfactory performance of different genres of music. Comedians who are at the top of their game, MCs that charm the audience all through the event and DJs who always deliver. Bole festival is a well sought after event that leaves its audience expectant and anticipating from the end of the event till the next one. These experiences are shared and discussed on various social media platforms which have allowed us to build an interactive online community and become one of the most engaging topics on social media annually. The Event highlights the various creative ways people prepare Bole (roasted plantain) and roasted fish which happens to be the most popular street food in the South. Delectable street food made mainly of plantains but prepared in such a rich and appetizing way. It has created more awareness for Port Harcourt, the acclaimed Bole City.


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