Bole Festival started in 2016, when a group of young minds came together to think of ways to project the authentic food and culture of the South-South people to the rest of the world. Bole Festival combines food, fun and culture to provide a platform for the sale of goods and services. We have a strong urban appeal that cuts across all age demographics and is patronised by individuals and families from all over the country.

Over the years, we have grown to become one of the largest food festivals in the South South and South East of Nigeria. Held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State once a year, Bole Festival is a well sought after event that leaves its audience expectant and anticipating the next event.

Our Motto is Eat, Play & Connect. We create unique experiences that are shared and discussed on various social media platforms which have allowed us to build an interactive online community and become one of the most engaging topics on social media annually.


Bole festival is a place where the southern food lovers converge to eat “Bole” the beloved and most popular street food in the South. We also create a safe and fun space for food lovers to meet food vendors.


We always provide an assortment of fun games and competitions. At Bole Festival entertainment is assured, we create a platform for local upcoming artists to perform alongside international artists from various genres of music. Comedians, Magicians, Dancers, MCs and DJ’s are always present to charm the audience all through the event.


Bole Festival is an avenue for Families, Individuals, both young and seniors to meet old friends, and network with new people. Every year, Businesses, Institutions and Entrepreneurs also come to Bole Festival to connect with their audience.

At Bole Festival, Social Responsibility is a mindset that is ingrained within the fabric of the way we do business. We realize that we have a duty to support our Community, we engage in activities annually to create a positive impact that is felt not only in Port Harcourt but across communities in River State.


  1. Bole Women Empowerment
  2. Charity Drive
  3. Rewarding PH Favorite Bole Women.
  4. Back to school.


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